My Cats Lack Boundaries


I have six cats, (3 girls & 3 boys) four of whom were born and raised in my home. Their mother was a stray I had rescued, but she managed to get pregnant before I could get her to the vet to be spayed.

The cats, especially the boys, are very… clingy. I’m not talking about their claws getting stuck.. oh, that’s another story… I mean that where ever I go they tend to follow. While I’m at my computer, they’re often camped somewhere close by. However, if I get up to watch tv, get food, or utilize the restroom they’re RIGHT THERE.

Essentially, I can end up with a parade of cats as I walk around the house, all the more if I have food in hand, because then the girls come down and join in.

They also tend to lack boundaries. I mean, they’re cats and I’m sure they have boundaries, but apparently I’m not supposed to. If I go to sleep they’ll crowd the bed, sleep on my head, or just push me right off my pillow. If I’m in a room and shut the door, with them on the other side of it, they’ll whine the most pitiful noises to get me to let them in where I am.

In the past I suspect they weren’t always fond of sharing me, but fortunately, they like Chris, a lot! He can’t sit down for more than 10 seconds, if that, before Einstein kitty comes over and sits in his lap. Never mind that she was upstairs sleeping, Chris is here, GET DOWNSTAIRS!

If Chris is sitting on the couch it’s worse because then not only will Einstein decided to cuddle up on him, but then Edmund or Fluff will jump up on the back of the couch and start grooming Chris. I suspect they believe he’s one of them.

Honestly, I’ve never seen my cats ever react so lovingly to another person before. Individually each cat has had their favorite human amongst my friends, but they all, without a doubt, love Chris.

I took that as another positive omen.

So my boundary-lacking cats will follow me around the house everywhere. If I’m in the shower sometimes Finnegan will begin to paw at the shower door prompting me to check on him. When I open the door he’ll stand on the edge of the bathtub, while I block the shower water from spraying out the shower door, and proceed to talk to me. Seriously, dude, it’s cold outside the shower, can we have this conversation later?

Every time I get up from my computer to use the restroom at least one, though occasionally as many as three cats will follow me in. The thing is, my male cats are not small. One cat, Big Boy, fits his name to a T. He’s lost weight, but he’s down to 25lbs. He looks like a small gray bull or a lot like the bulldog in Tom and Jerry cartoons!

I suspect they figure I’m a captive audience and they’ll be very pushy for attention as they walk back and forth around me. If my hand is down at my side, they’ll walk up and place their head beneath and force me to pet them as they walk by.

On whole this behavior isn’t too disruptive, however…

Cat on Toilet

One early morning, years ago, as I had just risen to get ready for work, I blindly wandered into the restroom. I was sitting there doing my business as Edmund, the quietest cat of them all, followed me in. Ed was sitting directly in front of me, but I barely had my eyes open, still in my sleepy daze, and thus I failed to notice that Ed had become quite curious to the glistening stream going into the toilet. Within a few moments I was WIDE AWAKE. Ed had shifted into hunter mode and decided to investigate the shimmering movement. In doing so he tagged me with a claw where sharp objects are simply never meant to be! OH MY GODS!

From that day on I have never allowed them into the restroom with me if I’m not quite awake.

Boundaries are clearly not something my cats seem to observe when it comes to me.


For your listening pleasure – Dream of Me Baby…


4 thoughts on “My Cats Lack Boundaries”

  1. ROFL. I was like… no! not another internet cat story but this was funny. Having had many cats at one time I can totally relate and imagine them following you around and just being mischievous. That’s what they do.


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