They Need Help Not Agendas

One of the latest strings of topics being batted about on Facebook on Monday involved an image showing a spiteful message on a t-shirt that reads:

god in schools
Dear God,
Why do you allow so much violence in our schools?

A concerned student

Dear Concerned Student,
I’m not allowed in schools.


The fact that anyone would use this tragedy as a means to push their political/religious agenda, something that has absolutely nothing to do with the tragedy is truly pathetic.

The single-mindedness of this image, to assume that all students in a classroom are Christian, or that if it was a Christian school this wouldn’t have happened; it’s just so arrogant and heartless.

The parents and loved ones of those who were hurt by this horrendous tragedy definitely don’t need people with an agenda pushing their bullshit upon them. To say, “well, if we’d allowed Christian prayer in the classrooms these children would still be alive” is preposterous. What about the Jewish boy who was killed in that massacre? Would he still have been saved by Christian prayer in school as well even though he wouldn’t have taken part?

And then we have a “fine” (this is entirely meant in sarcasm) examples of Christendom come by to “boycott” the funerals of all these people. They were not soldiers, we have no idea if any of them were gay, so why the heck Westboro Baptist Church decided to come and picket… oh, wait, that’s right, these people have an agenda as well. Not to put prayer in school, but to tell everyone that God is glad people are dead. Which frankly makes no sense to me. In all likelihood WBC went just for the media attention. Their purpose truly had nothing to do with anything related to Christianity. It never has. They are perhaps some of the worst representation so Christianity ever.

In a fascinating twist of fate, the group Anonymous, has decided to take down the hateful Westboro Baptist Church.

But wait… there’s more!

And as if those two issues weren’t bad enough, then there’s also founder of the Family Research Council, James Dobson who has blamed the deaths from the Sandy Hook massacre on gay marriage. You read that right. Gay marriage was responsible for all those children dying.

What. The. Frak?!

According to Dobson, because millions are turning their backs on God and the scripture, this is God’s way of punishing us.


The arrogance, audacity, and outright overbearing ignorance is truly astounding some times.

This was a tragedy. It was terrible, and lots of folks were traumatized by the loss of all those people. Instead of making it more difficult on them or anyone else who is having a hard time with this loss, why not send messages of love and support for the survivors instead? The survivors are going through an unfortunate amount of pain, now add the international media attention to it. They’re being bothered and hounded by journalist and photographers, and boycotted by hate-group idiots, and religious groups with agendas… it’s just overwhelming.

Right now there is nothing that can be done to save all those people that were lost. So why not do what can be done to help those who survived? Send them support in whatever fashion you can; donations, prayers, love, kindness, and comfort.

I realize many have opinions regarding gun control laws and mental health care revisions. I believe these are certainly things that should be examined and reassessed. But for now, we should let the people who have been hurt by such great loss have the space to grieve and process their tremendous loss without the pressures of an entire nation built upon them.


Skrömta is a Swedish/Finnish folk ensemble that I stumbled upon 5 or so years ago on MySpace. Their music makes me smile.

Skrömta – Douce Dame


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