Spell Casting – A Primer

I’ve been practicing witchcraft for many years, but only teaching classes for the last 11 years.

For the past 2 years I’ve been teaching an ever growing monthly class I’ve titled Eclectic Paganism. I labeled it as such because I did not wish to teach a specific tradition of Wicca (the tradition I’m in currently is a 4 year commitment for training), or be pinned specifically to Wicca. I have training in a variety of pagan traditions as well as healing modalities. I wanted to have the freedom to expose the students to a variety of traditions beyond Wicca alone.

Below is a basic overview I gave my students for a class on spell casting from a Wiccan perspective. My classes are a lot more interactive and plenty of discussion, but I also try to give them take home material as well.

  1. Ground and center. – Always start and end your spell crafting by grounding and centering. This helps bring you together fully for creation of, casting of, and releasing your spell work.
  1. Set a goal. – Focus on one goal at a time. Try your best not to have too many irons in the fire so as to eliminate scattering your energy in too many directions.
  1. Be realistic. – It’s ok to ask for things that are out of your immediate reach, but try to remain reasonable. Ask for love, not a whirlwind romance with Prince William. Ask for a job, even a specific type of job, but not to be hired on as the CEO of Toyota when you don’t know the first thing about cars, Japanese, or running a large auto manufacturing corporation.
  1. Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it.spell-casting  – If you ask for a new car be mindful of the taxes, insurance and other responsibilities that would go along with it. If you ask for a job perhaps you’ll want to add in location to ensure you don’t get that dream job in a city/state where you don’t want to be.
  1. Do the research. – Once you’ve set a goal choose the day and time that works best. Select the appropriate deity, symbols, tools, etc. Different goals have different needs for optimal success. Banishing work is best on the waning moon. Growth, prosperity, abundance work is better on a waxing moon. Thursdays are good days for money, while Fridays nights are good for love spells. Ganesha is great for abundance or removing obstacles, but Lakshmi is better for cash and finances. Love work might require a red or pink candle, while healing would be better with blue or purple, and hex breaking is best with brown, black, and sometimes white.
  1. Stay focused on your work. – Ensure you are undisturbed from your task while performing your spell. Eliminate any distractions. Also, it’s best to keep much of your work to yourself. People can inadvertently add unwanted energy if you tell them about your plans.
  1. Set a results time. – Instead of being indefinite try to include a time period in which you’d like this to come to fruition: 1 week, 3 months, within the year, etc. This isn’t always possible, but whenever possible do so.
  1. Your own creation. – If you write your own spell  try to create it as a rhyme or do it in a sing-song way. This helps to pull you out from the mundane and into the magical realm by removing the ordinary or “regular” way you talk. Also, consider repeating the key words in groupings of 3 to help reinforce your goal.
  1. Pre-made spell. –  Avoid words which you have no clue what they mean. You want to be able to remain focused on your goal so keep the language to that which you understand.
  1. Speak from the heart not ego. – When casting your spell, do your best to keep things on a positive note, and always speak from the heart rather than from ego. It’s been my experience that you’ll obtain faster and better results.
  1. For the highest good of all concerned. – Add this clause in all spell work to ensure the unpleasant doesn’t happen to make your request real. Such as… you asked for cash, so the universe saw to it you got it, in a big cash settlement from a nasty car accident. By adding in the clause the money might come to you in a way that doesn’t require broken bones.
  1. Cast protection. – It needn’t be a full circle filled with guardians of the towers, etc., but it should be a barrier to keep malevolent or mischievous energies out of your work.
  1. Raise the energy! – Chant, sing, drum, dance, do what you can to raise the energy, build it up and send it out!

Each one of these points can be elaborated, but this is just an outline to help remember specific points until you are more familiar with the process.


This AMV features the song Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton, using footage from the anime Black Heaven.

Johnathan Coulton – Code Monkey

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