Bad Apocalypse, No Winter Solstice for You!

bbb_tetris2_bed_1_largeWe celebrated the coming apocalypse by going to sleep early, all of us; Chris, 6 cats, and myself. All but one cat slept on the bed. I felt like I was in the middle of a Tetris game most of the night. Every time I tried to move in my sleep I had to reposition my legs between cats or make sure I wasn’t rolling onto another cat. Plus I was much too warm to sleep with any covers.

Chris got up early to go to work, because even though there was concern expressed all across Facebook about a coming apocalypse, folks still had to go to work the next day.

The sun was just rising as he left so I went to my desk, turned on my computer and opened the blinds behind my monitor, which looks out to the east, so I could enjoy the rising sun on winter solstice as I take care of some work. It was a very pleasant morning. I was filled with joy thinking about the year ahead and how as the sun shines more and more with each passing day, it brings us closer and closer to our wedding date. A little sappy, I know, but it’s how I was feeling.

After returning home from a lunch meeting I proceeded to make a phone call to a business. It’s an 800 number and for some reason I kept making a mistake dialing, but on the third try I got through… or so I thought. I heard a recording that said I had been selected as a winner for a 2 day cruise to the Bahamas.

Uh,… wait. What?

The Island of Grand Bahama
The Island of Grand Bahama

I was told I won and regardless of which button I pushed I was taken to an operator to discuss my prize. I was informed I won a 2 day 2 night cruise to the Bahamas, all meals and entertainment included and it was good for any time up to 18 months.

But wait… there’s more!

The rest of the spiel explained that I’d also have to pay the “government port fees” which were $59 per person or a total of $118, assuming I was bringing Chris, and gratuity at a rate of $12 per day. At first I thought that overall it wasn’t a bad deal, however, there was a lot of pressure to pay for the port fees right then and there and not when I book the cruise. That made me suspicious and uncertain.

At the time the person giving me the details was telling me about the cruise I thought it might make a fun honeymoon for me and Chris, but the pressure to pay right away just didn’t sit well with me. So, I’m sure the “travel coordinator” (as he was called) thought it would get me to pay up faster if my fiance was there to hear the great news as well. So we looped Chris in on a conference call.  During that call Chris and I were both looking the cruise line company up online for reviews to see if it was a scam, all the while communicating to each other privately via text messages. I found a review on a website called Cruise Critic and learned this company gives a multi-hour timeshare presentation while you’re on the cruise or on the island.


A wonderful new toy. It was in the house sitting on the coffee table for possibly 2 minutes before Finnegan discovered it's fluffy yellow feathered happiness and proceeded to spread joy all over the dinning room floor. Yay. (e_e)
A wonderful new toy. It was in the house sitting on the coffee table for possibly 2 minutes before Finnegan discovered it’s fluffy yellow feathered happiness and proceeded to spread joy all over the dinning room floor.

Now, while this guy is on the phone telling me all the details about what you do and don’t get included in the free 2 day 2 night cruise, Finnegan, my red-headed trouble maker was all over the house just making a ruckus. I had to keep getting up from my chair and shoo him off the ancestor altar, or away from collection of papers, or off the glass Horus altar, or… I think you get the picture. I was all over the place, while still on the phone, ushering this bratty kitty off of places he knows not to be. My cats might not be fluent in speaking English, but they sure as heck know what I’m saying. Trust me!

So a moment comes when I can finally relax and write down a bunch of details. I suddenly become aware something isn’t right. I look behind me and my bratty brat is sitting in a big plastic salad bowl. Not really unusual for him, he loved snuggling in bowls. But he was sitting upright, and oddly so. As I’m listening to this guy talk about the possibility of extending our stay on the islands and getting a return trip to Florida on the cruise lines I realize Finn is urinating in the bowl.


It’s not like you can stop a cat mid-stream, and there wasn’t anything in the bowl (thankfully), but REALLY dude?! REALLY?!?

At this point Chris and I decided to decline the “free” cruise. It was just a sales pitch for timeshare property anyway.

I’m not sure how Finn got out of that bowl. I managed to get off the phone call just as he finished. Thing is Finn urinates in the sink sometimes, so to squat in a big bowl might not have seemed too odd, except there’s no drain in a bowl. Fortunately, as he scrambled to get out he did not tip the bowl over, but instead he knocked over a bunch of glasses.


Finn is my youngest, about 5 years old, the tallest cat in the house, and my big baby. The gals at the vet giggle when I bring him in and give them his name. His full name is Finnegan McCooligan the Red-Tabby Hooligan and he clearly likes to live up to it.

My Big Boy kitty.
My Big Boy kitty.

Unfortunately, that was the better part of my day. The eldest of my male cats fell sick just as I was getting my feast food ready for solstice ritual with my coven. So I scooped him up and rushed off to the vet where I waited nervously for several hours as they assessed his condition. As of my writing this post we have little information yet, but they did rule out a number of issues which I was very grateful were not the problem. I should learn more tomorrow when they do more tests on him.

I ended up staying home to keep a watchful eye on him instead of spending the solstice with my magickal family. Family is family is family and he’s just as important to me as anyone else. So if possible, would those of you reading this post please keep my Big Boy kitty in your thoughts and prayers for a full healthy recovery. I’d greatly appreciate it.

Blessings of the Winter Solstice to each and every one of you! I hope you enjoy the ever growing return of the sun as it brightens the sky and warms your heart.



Jethro Tull  are a British rock group who Initially playing blues rock with an experimental flavour, they have also incorporated elements of classical music, folk music, jazz, hard rock and art rock into their music.

The band have sold more than 60 million albums worldwide in a career that has spanned more than forty years.

Jethro Tull – Ring Out Solstice Bells


One thought on “Bad Apocalypse, No Winter Solstice for You!”

  1. What a day you have had! How is your Big Boy Kitty? Prayers said. Between him and Finnegan how do you ever get anything done? Lots of laughs at your house I am sure!


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