April Fools Day

April Fools Day

There’s only one hour left of this dreaded holiday and then, hopefully, we’re done with the absurdity (in theory) for another year.

I think the holiday can be fun, but other people sometimes take it too far and make it very un-fun.

Life was more simple in the 70’s and early 80’s. I remember when I was a little kid, possibly in the 4th grade, my friend Bryce and I decided to make confetti eggs.  That was fun. We spent time cleaning out eggs and making confetti with a hole punch, stuffed the eggs full and used tape or glued tissue paper over the open end. We took them to school and broke them over our friends heads with paper confetti spilling everywhere. No one was hurt, and it was just silly fun.

Looking back on it I bet the school’s janitorial staff might disagree on how “fun” that was.

Today the pranks get very elaborate and half the time I’m reading emails, news articles, online posts, and frankly I’m questioning the validity of it all. I’m not sure if I should actually be sad, upset, or happy because of something that was posted. So I have to sit and wait until the next day to see if indeed it was a joke or genuine. That actually stresses me out a little bit.

One year, I was feeling particularly clever and decided to prank my Meetup groups with an April Fools Day joke. I sent them all an email stating that I’d accepted a job in New York and that I’d be a “fool” to pass it up. I then included a link to a Rick Roll hidden by a tiny URL.

A few caught onto my rouse quickly, but I managed to get quite a number of folks who took it in stride and gave me congrats on my fooling them.

However, several members never bothered to open the link and took my email at face value not recognizing the date it was sent. From them I received congratulations on my new job, which they further asked what it was.  To top it off, some of these members didn’t bother to reply to my email until weeks later. By this time I’d completely forgotten about it and they never bothered to open the link so then confusion ensued.

One member actually asked me, over a year later, what happened to the job in NY.


I will say I have enjoyed the pranks pulled by Google today. Gmail Blue, Google Nose, and the Treasure Map feature.

At any rate, I’ll be glad when today is over.


5 thoughts on “April Fools Day”

  1. You know, I forgot it was April’s Fools Day…no pranks…caught “Castle” last night and it was the most elaborate Prank/Birthday Gift rolled into one…just happy that it was not pulled on me!!!!


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