Cooking Exercises

This past weekend was a whirlwind of activity that left me in need of a few days rest. My oven, food processor, and hand mixer also got a serious work out.

Chris and I had two events, one for each day. Both events required food items. Since we began dating my cooking skills have been getting used pretty frequently and I admit, I love it.

10 Year Anniversary Party

Saturday I hosted the 10 year anniversary party for my OC Pagan and Witches Meetup groups. The group, when asked, requested that we host a potluck house party. The idea was to have privacy to just socialize. A nice change since a majority of our Meetups are in public spaces.

Once I posted the event on the Meetup pages I created a Google doc for everyone to list their potluck item. This allowed everyone to see what was being brought and hopefully keep our food options well rounded.

I’ve learned that people are more apt to participate once someone else has initiated the activity. So after creating the Google doc I populated the categories with items that Chris and I planned to bring. It was also an example of how to fill in the spreadsheet, because oddly, people make up their own concept and run with it despite instructions that state otherwise.

My assistant organizer, William, had informed me at the Witches Meetup on the Thursday prior that he had no time to shop or cook on Saturday since he’d be at WonderCon and asked if it would it be ok to give me money in lieu of food to help support the supplies needed for the event. I agreed and decided I would also make one more dish on his behalf.

Mind you, it was just a few days before the event, 29 people had RSVPed yes, but only 5 had posted any food items to the list. I was in slight panic mode. One thing I can not abide is a party short of food.

So, my portion of the menu included a large chicken and rotini pasta casserole, potato salad (about 5lbs worth), and a broccoli and cheese frittata. For the record, I’d never made the casserole nor the specific frittata before.

While I was cooking all of these items, somehow I assumed I would have time between, when things were in the oven, to take care of other details, such as creating the favors, finish stuffing plastic eggs for the egg hunt, and making/wrapping prizes for the games we planned to play.


Yeah, that didn’t quite happen the way I had hoped. I ended up being an hour late to my own party, but I sent Chris ahead and had others already there helping put things together so it was ready when people arrived.

The party overall turned out rather well. Members from both groups attended. There were some folks who were brand new to the groups, while others we hadn’t seen in a while made an appearance. They were quite enthusiastic about the two games we played and there was an ample amount of good food for all. I was also honored with a trophy in recognition of my decade of service to the OC Pagan and Witches Meetups. That was a real nice surprise!

I received many compliments on my potato salad and frittata. While the casserole was enjoyed, I think it needed more spice and a little less ricotta cheese.

We got home about 1:30 am from the party and opted to clean up what mess was still in the kitchen in the morning. My thoughts were that I still had food to cook, so we could get sleep now and deal with it later.

Easter Dinner with the in-laws

Sunday morning… it’s Easter for the Christian folk.

My future in-laws invited us over for dinner. I offered to cook  two items to add to the feast, it was another collaborated effort. My portion: creamed corn and coconut mochi. Again, I offered up an item I hadn’t made previously, the creamed corn.

As it turned out I got plenty of compliments on both, but between the two the creamed corn was the biggest hit.

As I come out of the kitchen from helping  set up some of the food, Chris’ dad (who totally cracks me up) genuinely asked if we’d spent the morning at church.

o_O WTF?!

I reminded him that pagans don’t go to “church”.  He knows I’m a witch, I thought he knew his sons were atheists. I’m not really sure of much after that. Honestly, I thought it was quite funny.

We actually had a very delightful afternoon with his family and their friends. Once I realized that those present all went to church together and was then questioned about how Chris and I met I chose to deferred to Chris to answer and left the room immediately. To be fair I was stopped while I was walking to the restroom. I wanted Chris to decide on how such discussions would be handled. I had already answered other wedding related questions, such as what dress I would be wearing, if I was excited – a question I find a bit silly. I mean, would you expect that my answer be that I was simply bored by the whole nonsense? Of course I’m excited! I get to marry one of the most awesome men I’ve ever met!

What I didn’t realize is that she knew about the drama I’d had with some of my bridesmaids and perhaps asked because the drama had been so draining and disappointing for me. More on that in another post.

Later on when I was asked about more details regarding who was officiating our legal wedding next month I didn’t bother to hold anything back. I was straightforward in explaining that the couple who would be marrying us were the leaders of my coven. She stopped asking any questions of me all together after that. *shrug*

We got home around 8pm. I was wiped out and a lot more sore than I expected to be. But dishes needed to be washed, as did laundry, and a litter box needed to be cleaned. Being the sweetheart that he is, Chris took care of the majority of chores.

It was a very busy and full weekend, but it was grand and full of love. 🙂

Originally I planned to post all the recipes here, but I think I’ll make a second post with them all.

One thought on “Cooking Exercises”

  1. Busy weekend! Seems like you are very busy all around lately…great to see you have time to post! I really enjoy your writings! Can’t wait to see the recipes!


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