Wedding Registry Chaos

Did you know you’re supposed to have a separate list for gifts for your wedding shower as opposed to your wedding? Well, I didn’t! I just learned that today. I was told I might get a bit of flack from some family by using the same list for the shower as the wedding. And given how much unnecessary drama I’ve already experienced I wanted to do whatever it took to avoid any more, if possible.

Let me just say, I spent a bit of time in panic because of it since I knew most of  those invited to the wedding shower had received or would be receiving their invitations about now.

I did a little research and I’m wondering if this is something more common on the east coast rather than the west coast?

Fortunately, my friend Lorraine graciously offered to host my wedding shower after there was some unfortunate drama with my now former matron of honor.

Lorraine is from the east coast, which is partly why I came to this possible reasoning that this might be an east coast/west coast difference of traditions.

For the record, we’re registered on They have a wedding registry, as well as a baby registry, but no such thing as a wedding/bridal SHOWER registry.

I was instructed to create a separate list for the shower. One that’s more focused on personal interests rather than household items. Books, lingerie, lotions, spa kits, etc. Like a birthday wish list.

Oh. Really?

Off I went and created a separate Wish List, labeled it “Wedding Shower” then put items for both Chris and I on it. (We’re doing a co-ed shower.) I filled it with things like a compact digital camera, music, anime, karaoke machine, books (mainly cook books), DVDs, a USB signal adapter for a mic (for my voice over work), and some card games (Cards Against Humanity, of course!).

However, there’s no lingerie… honestly, I’m hyper picky and private about things of that nature so I didn’t want to post any of that on there. Also, NO lotions. I’m allergic to most of those type of things. People give them to me all the time and I can’t use them.

I had a concern people would simply look up a wedding registry  instead of searching for a shower wish list, as the shower invitations stated, “registered at” on the bottom. To prevent any confusion regarding the wedding registry info, I ended up changing out the items on our wedding registry with items for the shower list. I then put the wedding registry items on a private wish list to move back after the shower. I just wanted to make sure people could find the “correct” items regardless of whose name they looked up. Hopefully the potential confusion has been averted!

In the meantime, through the course of the day, my web connection kept dropping from a low wifi signal (from within my own home), AND my computer kept overheating and shutting down. Frustrating is an understatement. My computer almost made a lovely smashing noise as I was very nearly apt to toss it out the window. But, cooler heads prevailed and thus I was able to make this post… finally. Only took 5 hours.


Turisas – “Stand Up and Fight
This is my favorite songs (for now) off of this album. The lead singer, Mathias Nygård, is also the talented composer behind the orchestration for their music. I have been a fan for a number of years.

Chris’ brother, Michael, gifted this album to him as a belated birthday gift on Sunday. We listened to the entire album together, as a family. That made Easter for me. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Wedding Registry Chaos”

  1. Girl, I am so happy that you found Chris…seems that he is a grounding for you…the only safe place to run from the drama. A wedding is supposed to be joyful and I am sorry that you have had such drama! Hopefully before the big day everything will calm…and you will be able to look back and laugh at all the other “stuff”!!! xoxoxoox


    1. Thank you, Nikki! I am too! He really has been amazing through all of this. Every single day he sends me a message that reminds how very fortunate I am to have him in my life. Sometimes I can hardly believe my luck. Other times I am overwhelmed with joy that this is the man I get to spend my life with. 🙂


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