Beef Intolerance

Beef Intolerance

This past February I experienced something new. At the time I really didn’t know what it was or why.  I woke up just a couple of hours after going to sleep in agony. I felt like I was being kicked, repeatedly, in the stomach. The pain was high on my abdomen and uncomfortable enough that it woke me from a sound sleep.

I spent the next two days getting about 15 minutes of sleep before feeling a need to go utilize the restroom, uncertain which, if any direction things might exit. Unfortunately, nothing unusual ever happened, but the pain remained.

I looked up everything I could think of; pancreatitus, gall stone, even hiatal hernia. I had no idea what was going on, but I was trying to figure out what I could/should do.

On instinct I opted to keep my diet those days light and wholesome; mainly fruits or veggies, and lots of water.  After 2 days of misery I was doing better, but not quite 100%. Just to be on the safe side I kept my diet light for a few more days. No red meat, just veggies, fruits, and chicken or fish.

Chris, his brother Michael, and I went to Fuddruckersfor dinner. I love this place! I’d been feeling ok for a couple of weeks and I didn’t even think twice when I ordered a burger. Tasted great, but by morning I wasn’t feeling so great.

I paid attention to my symptoms, but wasn’t entirely sure it was beef.

I went about my day to day eating more veggies, fruits, yogurt, and less meat protein, but again sticking with chicken and fish.

St. Patrick’s Day weekend…

I admit it,  I love corned beef. St. Patrick’s Day was always celebrated in my home. It was always about Irish pride, rather than the destruction of the druids in Ireland. So when the weekend approached we had multiple corned beef meals.

I didn’t seem symptomatic until the 3rd day. Again with the stomach pains! It really felt like I was being kicked repeatedly. And again I went back to my fruit, veggie, water diet.

I began examining each time I felt awful and comparing it to what I ate prior. I also began to recognize other symptoms besides the horrid stomach pains that seemed to coincide with times I’ve consumed beef. It seemed that beef was the likely culprit.


Based on what I’ve been able to learn it seems I’m merely “intolerant” of beef. It’s definitely not a food allergy. Food allergy is something I’m far too familiar with. I already have to be extremely mindful about shrimp. I became allergic to it in my mid-thirties. It was completely unexpected, especially given that my first symptoms started when I was eating Étouffée in Opelousas, Louisiana. This is not the most ideal of locations to begin a shrimp allergy. Have you ever been to Louisiana and had the food down there? It’s wonderful! And often there’s shrimp in there, somewhere. Nothing ruins a wonderful dinner like going into anaphylaxis.


UFO – Doctor, Doctor (1975) – This might not seem particularly random, and too a degree it’s not. It was actually playing on my Spotify playlist while I was writing this.

2 thoughts on “Beef Intolerance”

  1. So sorry about your body’s aversion to beef. I am a carnivore…not being able to have shrimp or beef! Arg! Glad that you are ok though and figured it out!


    1. Thanks!

      The shrimp allergy was pretty easy to figure out. The beef issue though, that took a while. Not really happy about either, but it is what it is. For now I’m ok with it.

      Ya know, I was intolerant of milk for about 20 years and then I discovered I could drink milk again. I was no longer able to drink milk after I turned 21. If I did, 12 minutes exact and I was very unwell. I tested it several times over the years.

      By chance I was given a drink of Bailey’s and milk when I was 41 and had absolutely no issues. No problems since, and no clue what that was about.


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