Class Reunion

I grew up in Huntington Beach, California. A lovely beach town also well known for it’s surfing community. For the record, despite having grown up there and my Hawaiian heritage, I don’t surf.

The neighborhood I grew up in was loaded with kids! For Kindergarten I went to a school just behind the houses across the street from me. It was a convenient location for my first year. However, the next year the district decided to shut that school down so they shuffled many of us to a school across the railroad tracks in the neighborhood next to mine.

I spent the next 8 years with the same group of kids in most of my classes. Grades 1 – 6 were spent at our elementary school. However, grades 7-8 was a collection of students from three different elementary schools around our district to make up our middle school which was next door to my elementary school. Once we graduated from 8th grade students were then separated and sent to two different high schools, rivals.

To me a reunion with these folks would be quite enjoyable. In fact, it was at my 20 year high school reunion I realized this. I ran into a handful of people I knew from back in elementary and middle school days and it was an unexpectedly wonderful reconnection for me. I hadn’t realized that I’d missed them until that moment. It happens, life moved pretty quickly for most of us after we graduated high school.

There are a handful of “kids” from my old neighborhood who’ve recently reconnected on Facebook. It’s been great getting reacquainted with them, some of whom I haven’t seen in nearly 30 years!

A recent discussion prompted the idea of a “class reunion”.  It was requested that we specify the reunion folks to be only those within our graduating class as opposed to the class the year before or year after. As I was the most proficient with Facebook of those in the discussion, I was asked to create a Facebook group. I added all the classmates I currently have on my friends list. We have a tentative reunion date set for Aug 3rd this year so I also created a SAVE THE DATE event for it.

I already know we have people coming out from as far away as New York and San Francisco to attend our shin dig.

Is it weird that I’m already helping plan a big event like this when I’m still getting ready for my wedding shower, bachelorette party, and wedding next month, as well as my 6th annual Mega Meetup Picnic this summer?

I think I can swing it. I kinda live for this stuff! 🙂


“Someday” – Los Lobos

Los Lobos is one of my all-time favorite bands. I have almost all of their albums and have seen them perform more than any other band.


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