Pagan and Witches Meetup: A Change

10 Years!

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary last month. No small feat, I might say. There aren’t very many groups in our topic that can boast the same thing.

After 10 years of hosting our monthly gatherings, creating and coordinating an array of other events to fill our calendar, and though not doing this entirely alone, I have operated primarily on my own, I’ve decided that it’s time for a change.

Here’s the deal, I have two separate groups that operate as one unit: The Orange County Pagan Meetup and The Orange County Witches Meetup. The only real difference between the groups are the name, website, and the dates for their monthly event. Many of the members are the same in each group, and any of the additional events posted go onto BOTH groups. It means I do double duty to put the same info on both sites, coordinate the RSVPs between both groups to make sure the whole number of members attending is represented on both sites, and send out emails with needed details for the one event on both groups. So, if you’re a member of both groups you get the same email, twice.

I’ve doing things this way for just about 10 years (when they changed access on the website). When they did change access and officially created the “organizer” position we had the option to merge the membership into one group. At the time the members liked having two different days, two weeks apart, on which to meet.

But as my wedding fast approaches (OMG! IT’S ALMOST HERE!!) I’m learning that I can only do so much if I am needed elsewhere. Once we get married we’re also considering having children. Having a child will greatly impact my available time to running the Meetups. Heck, just putting this wedding together has made an impact. I’ve had to decline attending a variety of events with some of my other Meetup groups (I run 7 Meetups and assist on a few others) because we’ve had our weekends filled with wedding related events.

I want our community to continue to grow and flourish. With that in mind I’m considering changing up the way the groups run.

A Change

One thing I wanted to create were committees. I thought that by creating a committee for Social Events such as Renaissance Faires, museum trips, picnics, etc.; would be great. I try to keep the group social so that’s important.  I’d also like to add a committee for each topic: Book Club, Music, and Rituals. I’ve already got a handful of volunteers to help!

The Dilemma

I need to figure out what to do with the two groups. How do merge them and yet keep the reason for two groups happy?

Not everyone wants to identify as Pagan if they’re an out and proud witch. And frankly, not every pagan is a witch. Another reason for keeping the groups separated was to allow people to identify as they pleased. Also, the membership is higher with the Witches Meetup, but the active participation is higher with the Pagan Meetup.

A mention at renaming the group to be all inclusive was raised. It sounds good, but then what would be a good name that is all inclusive? If I were to call it the Pagan & Witches Meetup, a seemingly logical choice, then the druids or Heathens might wonder why they’re not being named while non-witch pagans might disapprove of having their path associated with witches or witchcraft. However if we call it the Esoteric Religions Meetup (a suggestion by one of the members) then some might not even know who the heck we are.


I know I can’t please everyone. I do try to accommodate as many of the members as possible.

I think until I can figure out what to do regarding merging the two groups I will continue with two groups, but add the new committees to help add events and perhaps get even more members active. In the meantime I don’t need to make any decisions right now and certainly not until after the wedding.


New Kids On The Block – “Remix”

I was never a NKOTB fan, I did like the Backstreet Boys, though. Anyway, someone posted this song on Facebook yesterday and I really like it!


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