The Wedding Dress Blues

I think since we were little girls many of us fantasized about our weddings, especially what our dress would look like. And when I was little I wanted a fancy Cinderella type wedding dress. I grew up down the road from Disneyland, and Cinderella was my favorite princess, so this wasn’t a big surprise.

As I got older my interest shifted. Unlike the masses of brides who do, I did not remotely want a big fancy white wedding dress. I think I lost interest in that somewhere in the late 80’s. All that lace, taffeta, and big poofy sleeves! No thank you.

red velvetFor a time I wanted a long sweeping deep dark red velvet wedding dress. Something slightly reminiscent of the Golden Age of Piracy.

When I got together with Chris and we discussed getting married I decided I wanted something entirely different; a 50’s style swing dress in raspberry red. Brighter, lighter, shorter, and fun.

Then one night while we were sitting in bed talking about our day I was struck with a sudden desire to change our wedding colors entirely. Now instead of raspberry and violet (his favorite color) I wanted to wear a blue dress.

I had picked out a selection of dresses for both our legal ceremony and our religious ceremony that I was potentially interested in and posted them to my Pinterest board – Our Wedding Ideas.

Chris and I agreed on the same dress for our legal ceremony: A Birds Eye View from eShakti. Birds Eye View The dress is navy blue with little black birds with silver edges embroidered on the skirt and at the shoulder. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.

It comes in three colors: red with black & gray birds, navy with black & silver birds, and black with pink & white birds. I really love both the black and the navy dresses.

So on March 31st we ordered my dress. The description says, “Ships In: 7 Business Days. Transit time usually 7 to 9 Business Days”.

On April 10th I called the company to check on the status of the order… went to voicemail in the middle of the day. It said they would return my call within 24 hours. I left all necessary details: order #, question about status, name, and phone number with area code to be reached. 2 days later… still no call.


So, on April 12th I went onto the site and discovered I could leave an email! Cool. I tried 6 times and got booted out of their email system 6 times before I could even finish typing my query. On the 7th attempt I managed to finish, but I never got a confirmation the email went through and never heard back.

The following week I called them again on April 16. I actually got to speak with a real live person! She was very nice and quite confused as to why my order had not yet been processed. She was kind enough to add it was “urgent” as she knew they were already past their normal expected time for shipment. She even added in the notes that the dress was to be my wedding dress in the hopes that this will get them motivated to get my dress out asap.

The next day she called and left a message to tell me my dress would be shipped on or by April 19th.


But here it is now the 19th of April and my order still says it hasn’t shipped. I called and spoke with the same customer service operator. She was still perplexed and promised she’d continue to look into things. I believe her, but I also believe it’s entirely out of her hands. The dress is in India and she’s in California.

To say I’m disappointed in their service is an understatement. Luckily there’s a little bit of time still before my wedding and it’s possible that it could still arrive in time for our May 13th ceremony.  In the meantime, I need to consider an alternate option.

It’s quite discouraging as they have several dresses I was interested in and had plans to acquire a couple more before the honeymoon. However, I saw no reason to hand over any additional funds to them until they produce the first item I purchased.

And thus I’m a little blue about my little blue dress.


6 thoughts on “The Wedding Dress Blues”

  1. I understand your frustration. My skirt first arrived in the wrong color. My seamstress was amazing, though, and hustled to get the correct fabric for another skirt. It arrived the day before the wedding! Hopefully, it will all work out for you!


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