The Grocery Store

I’m frustrated and a bit annoyed.

An OC Japanese Meetup member, been in the group for 6 months now and has never RSVPed for any of our group’s events,  is interested in having a Meetup event at Mitsuwa (a Japanese grocery store/mini mall/food court in Costa Mesa) because they recently found it and think it would be great location for an event. I love Mitsuwa, but it’s not been a good location for us for events. However, before I’m able to respond to their request they post  their phone number on an unrelated dinner event listing and suggest that people connect with them at the grocery store prior to our Meetup event. To top it off, they didn’t even bother to RSVP Yes or No for the event they posted on.

I understand that they’re new-ish, at least to our group, so they clearly have no idea that we’ve already done this location a few times over the years with little to no success. And instead of getting to know the group by attending events and meeting us, they’ve decided they’re just going to create their own event, and use our website to promote it. You know… the website I pay for.

Such audacity!

I erased their post and sent a private email, but I’m still amazed at how people are sometimes incredibly clueless and rude. It’s frustrating.


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