Pay Attention to Me!

Some times people are simply desperate for attention. They’ll make comments that neither engage nor enrich a conversation, but simply to make their presence known by posting something.

Today I accidentally stumbled upon such a situation with a total stranger. To be fair, I was looking at an image of guerrilla art that was a protest. Any time you are on a page for such a topic you should expect someone, somewhere, to be verbose about their position, either for or against the protest topic. What I found was a person who apparently did not understand the point of the topic, which was a very profound in-your-face image that seemed fairly clear to me what their message was. Not so much for this other person. They were looking at it from a different perspective. I can appreciate this concept. However, their execution of expressing their position was… just plain obnoxious.

I made the mistake of engaging them in conversation, but some people aren’t looking for actual dialogue, but rather a pulpit from which to preach, be heard, and not have to answer any questions.

So, for those who might not be aware: Flooding the comments section of a photo (or status) on FB with the same message over and over again, then “like”ing your own comments, tells the world not that you have something important to say, but rather that you’re desperate to be noticed. The sad part is that what you have to say might be important and something people should pay attention to, but given human nature, we are less likely to hear it because it is poorly presented. Also, if it seems you are desperate in your need for attention people may take that as a sign that you haven’t got anything worthy to say.


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