Help from the Cat

When using the downstairs restroom, Finnegan kitty often runs in as I’m closing the door. Apparently, he feels I am incapable of doing this sort of thing alone.

He’s a bit OCD and has a routine he repeats every time he joins me. He runs in just as I’m sliding the door closed, leaps up to the top of the tank, makes a big stretch with his front paws up along the corner of the wall next to the toilet with his back paws still on the tank, then he comes back with all four paws on the tank while rubbing his head on the corner of the tank and looking up at me. It’s silly and cute and he’s done this for over 4 years now. Afterwards, he usually rolls around on the floor by my feet terrorizing whatever bit of fluff is trapped in the corner under the cabinets.

It’s completely routine and I’m so used to it that it seems odd if he doesn’t do it.

But today something changed… he jumped up on the tank as usual, did his big stretch, but I think he must’ve miscalculated his footing, I’m not entirely sure as I was busy at the time. It seemed he slipped and fell a bit. He was struggling to get his front half back onto the tank. The space between the toilet and wall is narrow and he was having some difficulty gaining his footing. I didn’t really notice until the toilet flushed because he was scrambling to regain footing and flushed it himeself.

I have to admit, the manual flush toilet flushing is mildly disconcerting when you’re not expecting it.

After I rescued him from certain headache he thanked me by “killing” a dangerous bug (read: spot of dirt) on the baseboard to prove what a great hunter he is. I feel much safer now.


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