Mabon and the Autumnial Equinox

Orange County Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess

According to the old Celtic Calendar, Mabon was the second harvest following Lughnasa. It is a harvest festival and a time to honor the trees. All around us we can see signs of autumn as the trees begin to change color, which is another way of reminding use of their importance and magickal significance. Some examples include the Rowan, Birch and Hazel trees.

Rowan is a tree of protection;  its branches and twigs can be made into amulets of protection and when planted outside cottage doors and farm buildings, protects both family and flock from lightening and harmful magick. It is also associated with Faery-magick. Depending on your part of the country, you may see Birch trees that are sacred to the Goddess and used as Yule Logs. The nuts of the Hazel tree are associated with wisdom and particularly with occult and ancient wisdom. Amulets of hazel nuts strung…

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