Self-Proclaimed Witch

Dear News Media,

Please cease calling individuals of the Wiccan faith, “a self-proclaimed witch”. It’s insulting and downright disrespectful to the members of a religion. It promotes your sensationalistic agenda while perpetuating the Hollywood stereo-type that witches are merely beings based in fantasy. We, as practitioners of a religion, refer to ourselves as witches. It’s just a fact.

Would you do the same with members of other religions? Would you call a Baptist minister a “self-proclaimed Christian”, or a practitioner of Reformed Judiasm a “self-proclaimed Jew”, or even someone who follows Mahayana a “self-proclaimed Buddhist”? No. Why? because that’s simply who they are, even if they converted to that religion from another they are Christian, Jewish, or Buddhist.

However, I get it, you’re hung up on the term “Witch”. All the witches you knew about were either in fairy tales or from history books and none of them were real… well, not in-front-of-your-face real. You’re having an issue distinguishing the difference between fairy tale witches and real life witches. Well, get a grip already! Clearly, one has influenced the other, but they are not the same. So, when you’re doing your typical Halloween time sensationalistic story that includes something to do with Wiccans do your due diligence and the favor of pulling your head out of your collective ignorant backsides and recognize you are discussing/reporting about people of a religious group, not a movie or novel.

If you need any assistance in getting educated about Wicca you are more than welcome to contact me.

Thank you,

Yvonne C. Conway-Williams

8 thoughts on “Self-Proclaimed Witch”

    1. Not all non-Wiccan witches perform witchcraft based in a religious practice, and the point of my post is primarily aimed at the religious aspect, and quite specifically toward the news that when they interview Wiccans they seem to forget they’re dealing with a religion.

      What you’re asking about it almost a different subject and obstacle for the media to tackle. They’re still befuddled on what exactly Wicca is and struggle with the ability to understand that it’s a religion and not a LARP, and I had no desire to add confusion to their already limited understanding.

      But from a personal standpoint… if a person tells me they are a witch, all I can really do is accept them at their word until proven otherwise.

      There was a suggestion made on my Facebook post to call a self-initiated Wiccan a “self proclaimed witch” instead of a “fluffy bunny”. I suppose in theory that could carry over to those who practice witchcraft, but not under a religion, but truly, I don’t think it’s necessary unless the individual wishes to be referred to as such.


      1. Agreed. I’m aware is a bit of a different subject, but I wanted to expand on that issue, seeing as I already agree with your post.

        I know people that refer themselves as witches, that practise witchcraft under a religious setting, but do not identify with Wicca. Do you believe the term ‘witch’ is/should be exclusive to Wicca? I ask this because it’s something your post seems to slightly imply. (Or maybe it’s just me and my conspiracy theorist mentality, sorry if that’s the case). Or I just got that impression. Again, sorry if it derails too much from your original post.


      2. No, not at all. I do not feel Wicca has the right to be the sole owners of that term. I know plenty of other witches who do not practice Wicca. I did not practice Wicca for the first 10 years of my experience in witchcraft. And though I became more familiar with Wicca, I did not join my first coven until 2000, 18 years after I began practicing witchcraft.

        My reasoning for using Wicca in this post is mainly because Wicca is the term most of the mainstream media is familiar with. Beyond that many of them get further confused and don’t necessarily comprehend (or care to know) the difference.

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