Be Nice to the Gate Keeper

So you’re interested in joining one of my Meetup groups. Great! Like most groups there’s a series of questions for your group profile that you’ll need to answer. They help other members get to know you better.  The whole point of joining a Meetup is getting to make new friends, right?

There’s also a question regarding the rules all members need to follow. Overall they’re just basic, “don’t be a dick” rules.

So why then would you think it’s ok to be a dick to the person who holds the key to let you in the group? Makes no sense to me. Are you just filling out the profile and requesting to join simply because you were bored and wanted to actively waste someone’s time? If so, that makes you an asshole.

Ok, maybe you really wanted to join the group, see what it’s all about. Cool! Again, why would you be a dickhead to the organizer?

News flash… I’m under no obligation to let you in, much less be nice to you when you’re being a shit head to me.  Even better? I can decline your request, ban you from attempting to join again, and all at the same time while I inform you that you’re a jerk. Oh, and if you’re dumb enough to push me, I have the power to report you to Meetup. Depending on how hard you push you could lose your membership, or worse. And then where will you be? Not attending one of my Meetups, that’s for sure!

There are tons of groups on Meetup. If you’re not really interested in joining my group, there’s no law that says you have to. I suggest you go join a different group that’s willing to put up with you. This way everyone wins!


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