Video Game “Townscaper” and *something else* on Steam

Recently, while surfing on YouTube, I discovered a video game about building and creating a town in the middle of a body of water called Townscaper. Architecture is a fair love of mine. I focused on it with my photography (Did I ever mention I used to be a professional photographer?), and exploring architecture online helps bring me peace when I’m dealing with stress and anxiety. Anyway, the game looked fun, especially to me because it didn’t have any time limits or challenges with other players and such, it left you free to be creative and build as much as you might want in just about any configuration within the limitations of the game’s design, of course.

So I looked at my my husband and told him I wanted the game but didn’t know where to find it. Unlike my husband, I don’t play a lot of video games (can you tell?) in general. He told me to look on Steam, so I did and there it was! *sound of a chorus of angels* I created my account and immediately purchased Townscaper. I was NOT disappointed. It was exactly what I had hoped it would be!

Since this was my first time on Steam I took a look around to see what other games looked of interest. I found a few more games to add to my library.

Of the newer games I found Kari.

Explore mysterious lands after a magical storm strands you on the shore of Vanaheim. Seek out help from the gods inspired by Norse Mythology in a Singleplayer Combat-Free Adventure-Puzzle Game. A game about helping each other, Kari is developed by students from BUas.

I also found one called Signs of the Sojourner

In this narrative card game about relationships and communication, navigate conversations in a colorful world reminiscent of our own. Learn and grow through the cards you choose to play. Who will you become? What will you leave behind?

They both look like fun and I look forward to playing them.

I found a handful of older games that also look fun: Botanicula, Mini Metro, Cattails: Become a Cat, A Short Hike, Neon Beats and Montaro RE. I’ll get to each one as time permits.

And then, I found a game that I could not believe…

  • That’s its name
  • Someone spent time, money, and energy making it
  • That I was curious enough to see game play on YouTube.

To be fair, the guy playing this game is what makes this worth the time to watch. He’s freakin’ hilarious! The game, however, is definitely not of interest for me, but his narration while playing the game is awesome.

If the title doesn’t make it clear, let me just say: NSFW!

I have been at the table during some of the strangest conversations about games ever. (EVER! Probably because Seth was there.) How… why… what were the designers of this game thinking (or on) when they decided to go forth and make this game?

Enjoy your nightmares after watching that last video.

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