Don’t Touch That Jar!

Recently, the various magical working communities have been abuzz with an unusual post on a non-magical related community. A young man posted a photo of himself holding what looks like a spell jar in the middle of a cemetery to a group called “Food In Places It Shouldn’t Be”. Well, young man, THAT is not food! And I sure hope you aren’t dumb enough to not only open it, but potentially consume it.

Spell jar found in cemetery

I shared the post on my Official MistressPrime page on Facebook and some folks wanted to know what would happen if he opened the jar.


What is the purpose of the jar spell?
There can be a variety of reasons for a jar spell, but in this specific case many commented they thought the one in his hand was a “sour jar”. A sour jar is intended to “sour” one’s life. It is most frequently aimed at breaking up a relationship by souring the love between two people.

What’s inside the jar?
That’s a really good question and without knowing the purpose of the jar, or seeing a better photo of the jar, we could guess at any number of possibilities. It’s very likely some kind of organic material: fruit, vegetable, meat, organs, a whole animal, etc. The liquid could be water, vinegar, honey, urine; it really depends on the purpose of the spell.

What is done with the contents afterward?
Again, it depends on the spell, but once the job is done you might disassemble the jar, properly dispose of the contents, bless and cleanse everything. Some jars aren’t intended to ever be opened. Some are supposed to be buried and forgotten.

What happens if someone finds a spell jar?
Well, hopefully they won’t bother it, but some folks are too curious for their own good and will pick shit up and pose for photos with it. Some might be dumb enough to even open it. Opening the jar could possibly disrupt the purpose of the spell work. This is why certain jar spells aren’t left out where some rando might walk by and fuck with it.

But what if that can’t be helped and someone opens it?
Many believe if the person opens the jar they will experience very bad things. And depending on who you ask it can be all over the map from something more than inconvenient to death. I’ll be honest, this has never happened to me so I’m not able to speak from experience on this.

Will the ancestors or spirits called to help with this spell be ok with someone who has interrupted the work? Most likely not, which is why many believe bad things will happen to someone who opens the jar. However, others have suggested that this person might be the tool to enact the spell’s outcome.

What I’m wondering is what if the person who made the jar finds this photo all over the internet with their work being held up with this guy smiling beside it? The photo has his face and name attached. So that magical worker might choose to teach him a lesson for messing with their work on top of whatever the spirits associated with the spell might send his way. He could get double the bad luck!

There is also the possibility that the spell work this jar was intended for has completed its objective and as such this guy’s meddling with it won’t hinder the work itself. However, will it bring him consequences? Some believe he could still receive bad luck, in whatever shape one might imagine.


There’s a fair chance what he’s holding contains a type of acid (or urine) and a part or whole animal along with a variety of herbs. If he opened it he could get sick from potential bacteria. If he was REALLY stupid and ate/drank it (taking into consideration the group he shared this photo with) he would absolutely be sick with some digestive issues or worse. People in that group were actually encouraging him to eat whatever is inside. I’m hoping he isn’t that stupid, but he did just grab a randomly found jar in the cemetery and pose for a picture with it and then shared it to a public group regarding found food so I don’t have a lot of faith in his critical thinking skills.

Something to consider… law enforcement sometimes looks into these type of finds in cemeteries (really depending on what region you’re in and if someone makes a big stink about it). Some of the paranoia is a holdover from the 80s era Satanic Panic and an overall ignorance about a variety of spiritual and folk magic practices. So the bad luck this fool may end up with could find himself entangled in the midst of a local police investigation.

But honestly, since none of us knows for certain what is in the jar or the purpose of the jar there is no single and easy answer as to what could happen if he opens it.

Finally, it comes down to this… if you did not make it, do not fuck with it. Seriously, keep your hands to yourself.

BTW, if you are a member of law enforcement, there are several Pagan and occult organizations out there who help to educate law agencies about their particular practices. If your spiritual organization offers that, or your law enforcement agency is looking for that info, contact me here and I can help connect you.

Spell work: How To Make a Sour Jar

Here is a helpful video from The African Witch Bitch on making a Sour Jar.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Touch That Jar!

  1. If I found a spell jar in a closet in my house how do I dispose of it properly without knowing what the spell was or what it was for.


    1. Well, I would start by asking what makes you believe it is a spell jar? If indeed it is, your best course of action, ultimately, is to not touch it. Most likely it’s a protection spell, but I can’t say without seeing it.

      Sometimes a jar might be disassembled. However, without knowing exactly what is inside, disposal might be difficult. A common form of disposal is to bury it. Find a crossroads or somewhere away from anyone potentially digging it up. Bury it deep.


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