Blooming Cat Tarot

This deck recently arrived in the mail, Blooming Cat Tarot. All Rider- Waite style designs but with cats instead of people. It’s adorable!

You can get an idea about the Major Arcana below, but the Minor Arcana are represented as:

Pentacles: flowering pentacles
Swords: lavender stalks
Cups: daffodils
Wands: trees & branches

I saw the Kickstarter campaign and couldn’t resist.

From the campaign:

“Blooming Cat Tarot is a 78-card cat and flower themed tarot deck based on the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck and includes much of its rich symbolism. This second edition of Blooming Cat Tarot includes 12 extra cat-themed astrological cards to enhance your readings, 90 cards total. The cards are standard tarot size, 2.75×4.75, and will be printed on heavy 350gsm cardstock with a smooth semi-gloss finish. They come in a tuckbox with a booklet of card meanings.”

Where to get the deck:
If you buy a deck, let them know I sent you. 😉

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