Spring Equinox

Today we celebrate the Spring Equinox – the balance of light and dark.

The third spoke on the ever-turning wheel of the year. It is a time of balance, of equal days and nights, yet soon shall the light spring forth, as the growing Sun reaches for the fulfilment of his power.

The festival of Ostara is a most joyful time. Honouring the God and Goddess as nature’s balance returns to the world. For Witches, Spring Equinox is an enchanted time outside of time, where a magical seam joins dark with light. From this moment on, the Sun God begins his journey across the sky, His light and warmth overtaking the darkness of Winter until His power peaks at Summer Solstice in June. This subtle change from dark to light sends the exquisite message to all here on Earth that Springtime is the season of rebirth. At last, we have arrived at the point on the Wheel when the Maiden Goddess becomes Mother once more, giving birth to the power of the Sun. As the melting snow and ice give way to green petals and delicate blooms of early Springtime flowers, we too will feel a sense of renewal and joy. We wish to also honour Mother Earth so let us celebrate and re-affirm life.

The reason behind all of our magic—the rituals, observances, meditations, and spellwork—is to constantly remind us that we are a factor in the larger scheme of things. Anything we do on an individual level affects the whole world.

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