Autumn Equinox 2022

I’m in the Northern Hemisphere and today is the Autumn Equinox. It’s hard to believe we are already midway through September. I feel as though this year is moving much faster than the previous two.

Like many today, I have plans to celebrate this celestial event by spending it outside amongst nature. Commune a bit with the plants, bees, trees, and Home Depot.

The equinox is also an excellent time to find gratitude in your life by acknowledging the experiences you’ve had and any spiritual or emotional connections that you are grateful for. Personally, I like writing these things down. A few things I’m grateful for: my family, ancestors, pets, friends, and excellent German dark chocolate.

It’s also a good time to declutter your life. Release things, habits, or relationships that are no longer serving you and bring greater balance to your life, relationships, and environment. Everyone has at least one space in their home that could probably use a bit of organization. That junk drawer in the kitchen or hall closet could probably be sorted through a bit and maybe dust off the blades of your ceiling fan while you’re at it. (Oh, and don’t forget to change the battery in your smoke detector and the filter for your HVAC system, too.) Perhaps clear out your email inbox. I spent the last couple of days sorting through my email. It feels good to be rid of a lot of the junk I never really read. Also, consider donating or recycling whatever you can of the things you’re getting rid of. By doing this you make space for the things you want to bring into your life. Just remember, the universe hates a void, refill that space with something that brings you love, joy, happiness, etc. By the way, it doesn’t have to be a physical thing, the removal of things from your environment or letting go of relationships that are unhealthy can in itself bring a feeling of lightness, harmony, relief and joy.

By some calendars, this is the 2nd of the 3 final harvests for this year. It is also considered the “Thanksgiving” holiday in some Pagan traditions. It’s a time of great feasts like you might experience at an American Thanksgiving dinner.

Wishing you all a Happy Equinox! May you find your balance today and enjoy the seasonal change. 🧡
#Witch #pagan #autumnequinox


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