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Cybersecurity: Russian Hackers, Privacy, and You


In 2016 I attended my very first WordCamp Orange County. Since then I have been able to attend 3 more; Los Angeles, San Diego, and again this year at OC. This year I was invited to give a presentation about Cybersecurity at WordCamp Orange County, I chose to discuss privacy aimed at the average user. It was my first WordCamp presentation.

WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.

Cybersecurity Presentation

Much to my surprise, the organizers had scheduled my talk just before lunch on Saturday. This maximized my opportunity to have people attend my event. However, there were other presentations and talks going on at the same time. Because of this, I was surprised to see the room was so packed it was standing room only. I have so much gratitude to have received a lot of positive feedback. The WordPress community is very encouraging.

Here is the video of my presentation:

UPDATE 4/13/18: One thing I would definitely roll back on is my stance regarding LifeLock. At the time I considered the service worthy of purchase… until the Equifax data breach. After the breach, they were pushing those who were affected by the breach to purchasing LifeLock. Knowing how poorly Equifax managed to secure everyone’s personal info AND that they owned LifeLock left a really bad taste in my mouth. We canceled our accounts with them right then and there and froze our credit.




OC Pagan Meetup & Pagan Pride LA/OC


This month’s Orange County (CA) Pagan & Witches Meetup Monthly Dinner event is happening this Thursday night. If you’re interested in meeting members of the local community, people of like mind, these monthly dinner’s are a great option.



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Is there any hope?

I was just on Facebook and inadvertently watched a very disturbing video (damn you FB auto play!) of a woman in a town center, surrounded by extremist Muslim men. She has her hands tied behind her back. I have no idea what they’re saying, but it’s something preachy and there appears to be a cleric type person standing next to her.

She says something defiant, but the men talk over her. She’s instructed to kneel. She does.

The cleric continues preaching, men in camo gear and street clothes come forward carrying riffles and cell phones to video the situation. While the cleric is still talking the man next to him shoots her in the head and she falls into the street dead.

After years of watching Hollywood movies I almost feel a bit desensitized to it. It wasn’t gory, but it was quick and she was definitely no longer in this world.

I was going to share it because I was just so shocked by it. You kind of get into a trance and just click that share button sometimes, but then I snapped to and changed my mind. I didn’t want to help perpetuate or support anything that was glorifying the senseless murder portrayed in that video.

You hear about these execution videos on the net and in the news, but they get cleaned up, and I’ve never really seen one. But there it was. So I wondered, who posted this? Why did they post this? Was it to show the world what atrocities are happening in this town? Was it to document? Or was it to glorify the scene?

I looked at the profile from whom the video was posted. It was someone from Syria. Based on the comments of the profile owner they’re definitely a fan of Saddam Hussein, and they seem supportive of Isil. The video posted was to glorify the tragedy on behalf of the movement. The video has been on that profile for 13 hours and already received almost 80,000 views.

I never thought I would so easily meander onto the profile for an Isil supporter.

That poor woman. I’m sitting here, 7 minutes into my birthday, and I’m crying for a woman I don’t even know. None of this shit makes any sense to me, there’s no logic for me to derive from any of it. I’m pissed, a bit scared, and sickened by this scene. There was a complete lack of compassion or empathy.

At this moment in time I’m unable to find the hope that things will ever get better.

Pay Attention to Me!

Some times people are simply desperate for attention. They’ll make comments that neither engage nor enrich a conversation, but simply to make their presence known by posting something.

Today I accidentally stumbled upon such a situation with a total stranger. To be fair, I was looking at an image of guerrilla art that was a protest. Any time you are on a page for such a topic you should expect someone, somewhere, to be verbose about their position, either for or against the protest topic. What I found was a person who apparently did not understand the point of the topic, which was a very profound in-your-face image that seemed fairly clear to me what their message was. Not so much for this other person. They were looking at it from a different perspective. I can appreciate this concept. However, their execution of expressing their position was… just plain obnoxious.

I made the mistake of engaging them in conversation, but some people aren’t looking for actual dialogue, but rather a pulpit from which to preach, be heard, and not have to answer any questions.

So, for those who might not be aware: Flooding the comments section of a photo (or status) on FB with the same message over and over again, then “like”ing your own comments, tells the world not that you have something important to say, but rather that you’re desperate to be noticed. The sad part is that what you have to say might be important and something people should pay attention to, but given human nature, we are less likely to hear it because it is poorly presented. Also, if it seems you are desperate in your need for attention people may take that as a sign that you haven’t got anything worthy to say.

Email – Canadian Douchebag

I just had a most obnoxious email exchange on Facebook. Some creep named Steve Edward from Canada sent me a message that went from complimentary to disgusting. Apparently he didn’t bother to actually READ my profile as it’s clearly noted that I’m married. However, when I tried to give him a gentle hint, he was still clueless. So when I became more direct and blunt he turned into every woman’s “dream guy”.

Here’s what happened:

Steve Edward 1/26, 8:22pm: Wow what a very pretty lady cheers

(Because Steve Edward is not my friend, his email fell into the “other” inbox on Facebook. Despite my regular presence on FB, I did not find this email until today.)

Me 1/28, 2:39pm: Thank you. My husband agrees!

Steve Edward 1/28, 4:23pm: thanks for the message and thats funny lol, well i am steve from Canada i am single and saw your profile and got attracted to it so do you mind telling me more about your self till then hugs and kisses

Me 1/28, 4:32pm: Steve… or spambot, whichever. Did you miss the part where I mentioned I’m married? Newly married at that.

I’m deeply unfond of cluelessness. So here’s a freebie. Don’t contact me ever again or I shall report you.

Steve Edward 1/28, 4:37pm: if you are married dont contact me , you should just ignore me simple as A B C, thats how a married woman should at ,for your info ,you must be silly alling me a spam bot soon your so called husband will fuck your dirty ass up fool and go to hell

LMAO! What the f#@% is wrong with some people?

I called Chris shortly after this exchange as we had yet to settle our plans for our Date Night dinner tonight. He laughs every time one of these type of whackadoodle emails occur. He doesn’t understand why some people are so broken. To be fair, I don’t always understand either.

I love how Steve gets so indignant in the last message, you know, the one AFTER I told him NOT to contact me… he gets so indignant he can’t type then takes it totally over the top and actually tells me to go to a place I don’t believe in. All I can assume is that Steve doesn’t really know how to read and he apparently likes pictures. But hey ladies! He’s single! I really can’t imagine why, he’s such a catch! He must be his mother’s pride and joy!

I love sharing these emails with folks because they’re quite hilarious and almost too outrageous for one to believe. But believe it! I keep every one of these whackadoodle emails on file.