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Blessed Samhain

The wheel has turned and the dark times are here. The veil is thin and our loved ones are near.

Wishing you all a Blessed Samhain and a Happy Halloween!


Interview with Rev. Don Lewis tonight!

Tonight I will be interviewed by Rev. Don Lewis, for the Correllian Family Hour at 7pm Pacific/ 9 PM Central / 10 PM Eastern. It should be a great time and an interesting conversation!

You can listen online here:

Correllian Family Hour Radio Show

The interview was recorded and available at the link above. My interview is the 2nd hour of the 3 hour recording.

OCLC Mabon Ritual Sept 13th

Come celebrate Mabon with the
Orange County Local Council of
the Covenant of the Goddess

This is the Autumnal Equinox – so balance is a theme. It is the 2nd of the 3 Harvest Festivals and we will be turning the wheel of the year into Autumn.

Think about the work (spiritual, magickal, social, etc.) that you set out to do this year and what that harvest is –

· What got done this year
· What won’t get started/finished and should be let go of, or maybe set aside to tackle another year
· What is still in progress that you expect to finish by year end (Samhain)

It is also time to honor the fading God as he sacrifices himself for the continuity of life for all.

Mabon is also the “Thanksgiving” festival – a pot luck follows the ritual that should be sumptuous and tasty.

What to bring

For the ritual:

  • Chalice (cup for drinking);
  • Your cord— if you have one for the tradition you were initiated into
  • Wear autumnal colors (orange, brown, yellow, purple, burgundy, red) if you can.

For the pot luck:

  • Food to share
  • Chair
  • Plate & utensils for your own use.

Sunday September 13th at 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Gutosky Park
9201 Ferris Lane
Garden Grove, California 92841



Prayers for Odin

Prayer for Wisdom

Harbard, Wise Ferryman,
Help me learn patience
Help me learn to answer well
Help me  find my wisdom
Greybeard, May it be so


Prayer for Abundance

Oski, Wish-giver, Will-worker,
I seek security and safety
I want my income to be sound
I am open to your guidance and gifts
May I find the blessings I seek
May my hard work be worthwhile
May my effort be rewarded
With abundance and prosperity


Invocation to Wodan*

Wodan, Wanderer, Wise one,
I call to you
Hanged one, Hidden one, High one,
I call to you
Yule father, All father, Victory father
I call to you
Mighty God, I invoke you
Ancient One, I offer to you
Wand-bearer, I honor you

*all names used are heiti of Odin

via www.lairbhan.blogspot.com/

United Pagans of Color – September Meeting

The United Pagans of Color will be hosting our monthly support group meeting in Long Beach, CA on Saturday September 12th, 12:30pm to 3pm.

This month we will be discussing Cultural Appropriation

United Pagans of Color is a fellowship of women and men coming together to discover the hidden community experience. A place for members of our community who self-identify as a person of color to come share their experiences and participate in discussions of diversity as part of the hidden community, reclaiming our voices and our rightful place amongst the greater Pagan circle.

Our vision is to create community healing working within sacred space helping to build safety and social networks that are healthy and sustainable for all Pagans.

We share our experience, strength, and hope with each other that we may grow on this common journey.

The only requirement for membership is the willingness to acknowledge the experiences of the Pagan of Color community.

This meeting is open to all allies (Pagan Friendly, and non-PoC) who wish to lend support to members of the Pagans of Color community.

Our primary purpose is to be seen, to be heard, and to be accepted; we are the Pagan community.

Location:The Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach
5450 E Atherton St, Long Beach, California 90815

Chalice Room A (portable buildings to the left of main hall)

If main parking lot is full, there is additional free parking around the corner next to the gas station for the medical building.

(18+) adults only

$5 donation

* No drugs or alcohol permitted.

* This program is not a substitute for mental or emotional health services.

For more information: United Pagans of Color

RSVP for the event HERE