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Q&A – Family Tension

A question from a fan: “Hi MistressPrime, I hope u can help me. I’m Wiccan my family knows and some of them don’t approve because they’re conservative Christian. They’ll leave bible verses or comments that push their beliefs on my Facebook page. They say things on my posts that hurt my feelings. It upsets me. I don’t get why they can’t see my point of view. How can I deal with them but also not create more problems in the family? Thanks for ur help! Caitlin”

Hi Caitlin,

I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this. I responded to a similar question on a FB group post recently. It’s the holiday season so family and drama, especially around differing religions, has a tendency to ramp up this time of the year. I’m going to share similar advice that I gave to the person in that group.

Let me start by saying navigating differing religious perspectives and family on social media is a tricky pain in the ass. Understanding that your pushy Christian family members may feel it is their duty to save you from “the devil” means that nothing you say about what you believe, especially if it’s anything other than Christian, will ever soothe their discomfort or even shut them up. So, you have options…

The most passive option is that you can ignore their posts and comments on your page, but leaving it there will be a reminder and a continued form of oppression that will build resentment between you and those family members. In my opinion it’s not the best course of action, but it could be the lowest risk of family drama. Also, If they are comments on a post, you can Hide them. Go to the three dots (…) when you hover over their comment. Select Hide.

Another option is you can screen capture the thread, this way you can ensure you have their whole comment and it’s context, and then delete the comment. This allows you to cover your backside in case anyone in the family disputes what was actually said on your page. I learned this the hard way in a similar issue with my family. Unless they’re looking regularly at your page there’s a chance they won’t even notice it’s gone. Now you can drop it from there and move on or you can choose to talk privately with that family member and explain how their comment was hurtful to you.

If your family regularly leave these kinds of hurtful comments on your page, but you’re afraid to unfriend them because it may cause further family drama I would recommend the privacy settings option. Keep them on your friends list, but add them to a custom list. If you put them on the Restricted Friend List that option gives them access to only your Public posts and information. Putting them on the Acquaintances Friends List means you would need to set your post’s privacy settings to Friends minus Acquaintances to prevent them from seeing any particular posts, but they would still be able to see anything that’s listed as Friends Only or Public. You can further protect yourself if they posts a lot of things you find objectionable on their own page by Unfollowing their pages entirely. This maintains you’re still on each other’s friends list but you no longer see their page updates in your Home Feed. You can still go to their page to read their posts when you want.

Now you also have the option to Unfriend. This has a greater potential for blowback, so choose this option with that knowledge. People get seriously butthurt over being unfriended on social media. But I will add, in some cases this can be the best option, especially if you’re being harassed by family who don’t seem to respect you or your decisions.

The most extreme option is Unfriend and Block. This option is burning the bridge. Also, your family may possibly report back to them what they see on your page. And again, in some cases this may be the best option to help maintain one’s personal well being and limit the toxic interactions.

If possible, I would recommend against arguing in the comments with them because, in the end, it’s just not worth your emotional energy to try to change their mind on FB. A discussion in person, or at the very least by phone, rather than through text where your intention might be misunderstood and could cause greater misunderstanding and additional unnecessary pain is a prefered choice. You have a greater chance of being understood. Granted, they still may not hear you, but there’s a better chance than by text.

In the end, know that YOU aren’t creating this tension in the family. They are. You aren’t the one trying to impose your perspective upon them. You should not feel bad or at fault about what they’re doing to you.

Whichever choice you make, I wish you the best of luck!

Spell for Honest and Wise Communication

Use the spell when communication patterns have become stale, negative, limited, or dishonest.


  • Two pieces of paper
  • Writing utensil
  • Clear jar
  • Salt
  • Dried or fresh Sage


  1. Write your name and the name of the person with whom you wish to communicate on two separate pieces of paper.
  2. Fill a clean, clear jar with salt and a handful of dried or fresh Sage leaves.
  3. Place the two papers inside the jar. Don’t put the lid on it. Leave it open.
  4. Gently swirl the contents of the jar until the papers are completely submerged in the salt and Sage as you envision yourself having a productive, wise, and honest conversation with the person in question.
  5. Leave the jar in the area where you’re most likely to come in contact with the person, or alternatively, take out the two slips of paper, fold them together, and keep them tucked inside your pocket during conversations.


Found in Llewellyn’s Witches Spell-a-Day Almanac

Spellcasting Spam

No, this has nothing to do with witchcraft and canned meat.

Yesterday I received a comment on my post, “Spell Casting – A Primer“. It was spam, but not ordinary, bad English skills and send you horrible links type of spam, nay. It was topic specific spam! To be honest, I can’t say that I’ve ever received Witchy spam.

The post the spam was a comment to is a basic step by step guide to casting a spell that I wrote for my students a couple of years ago. But apparently the spammer believes that I’m looking for someone to do the spell casting for me.


I’ve been casting spells for well over 30 years now… I believe the training wheels have long since been removed. I get it. Thanks and all, but I’m not really looking for someone to do MY work for me.

However, according to the post this guy’s good… the one and only, even!

“Hello friends, I am Paula, this is not to bother you but to help those of you out there that has been in one problem or the other. Are you looking for a spell caster that can help you cast a love spell? money spell? success spell? divorces spell? Whatever spell you can think of. I want you to know that there are so many fake spell casters outhere and there is only one real spell caster out there. HE is real because he has been TESTED AND TRUSTED. He is so real that he keeps to his words, this is NO JOKE, I HAVE TRIED HIM AND SEEN THE RESULT. He has helped in so many ways that i have to let other friends out there that are in problems so they don’t make the mistake to contact those fake spell caster out ther BUT THE ONLY REAL ONE I HAVE SEEN and he is WORLD BEST. please contact him fast on worldgreatestspellcaster@[ImNotGoingToAdvertiseForYou]*. A TRAIL WILL DEFINATELY CONVINCE YOU. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.


*The only thing I changed above was the email addy after the @ symbol.

I’ve never encountered the “used car salesman” tactic within spell casting circles (yes, pun was intended there).

What I find all the more peculiar is that this tactic was used on my post on how to do spell casting. The spam sounds like it’s geared towards those who are clueless in general, suckers, or the lazy; anyone willing to part with their money out of desperation for some specific outcome. I consider this post rather obscure, so for them to find it in order to spam my readers is almost impressive, actually. Almost.Goat ate my tax return

I wonder what kind of rates “worldgreatestspellcaster” charges for work? I find it fascinating that you can do spiritual work as a full-time business. I wonder what kind of write offs you can get doing spell casting as a full-time income? Can you write off candles, incense, and goat’s blood* on your income tax return? I guess it’s not too far fetched, I’m just wondering how many people do?

*Please realize goat’s blood is not used in Wiccan rites or spells, but it can be used in other types of witchcraft. You can obtain it from a butcher if you wanted. It’s also an inside joke with a friend who often asks where I get the goat’s blood for rituals. (I don’t use goat’s blood!)

You know… the more I think about it, the more I’m reminded of the Dionne Warwick Phychic Friends Network. Except that this is supposedly one guy instead of a whole network and the “WORLD BEST”.

I think the “WORLD BEST” needs help with his marketing strategy. Possibly he needs to hire a celebrity to help propel him to public awareness. Perhaps someone like Ron Burgundy, or Cal Worthington!

Also, I would recommend that he find a new marketing manager, one that understands how to write in English. Just my two cents on that, though.

Well, whoever the “WORLD BEST” spell caster is I just want to say, best of luck on being “the only real one” (suddenly I’m reminded of Highlander…), but keep your spam off my blog!



Haha! Well, I got spellcasting spam for this post too! I’m just sitting here laughing about it.

First of all,Am just short of words i don’t know what to say,am so grateful to Dr shogotemple for what he has done for me at first i thought he was a scam,But i just decided to contact him then he told me that my lover will be back to my arms within 48hours.Really when the 48hours completed my lover called me and said he was sorry,i was so happy that my lover who left me for over 4years called me,Now we are together he can’t do without me he always wants me to be by his side.now he love’s me and he does not want anything to hurt me anymore.My lover even bought me a new car and a gold wristwatch.And now i also have access to his account to prove that he will never leave me alone am so happy all thanks goes to Dr shogotemple .if you want to contact him for help here his is private mail: shogotemple@[ImNotGoingToAdvertiseForYou] or can contact him with no +[SomeForeignPhoneNumber].And i promise you that your lover will definitely be back to you.

Wow! If some doofus left me for 4 years then suddenly returned with a new car and gold wrist watch for me I’m not sure I’d take him back. Frankly, after 4 years why would I want him back and why would he need to BUY me back?

But the creepiest part, “And now i also have access to his account to prove that he will never leave me alone”.

Eeeeeewwwww!!! No thank you!

No. Get a job, earn your own money, buy your own car, buy your own gold wrist watch. Have your independence! We do not need a man to complete us.

But that takes me on an entirely different rant…

Spell Casting – A Primer

I’ve been practicing witchcraft for many years, but only teaching classes for the last 11 years.

For the past 2 years I’ve been teaching an ever growing monthly class I’ve titled Eclectic Paganism. I labeled it as such because I did not wish to teach a specific tradition of Wicca (the tradition I’m in currently is a 4 year commitment for training), or be pinned specifically to Wicca. I have training in a variety of pagan traditions as well as healing modalities. I wanted to have the freedom to expose the students to a variety of traditions beyond Wicca alone.

Below is a basic overview I gave my students for a class on spell casting from a Wiccan perspective. My classes are a lot more interactive and plenty of discussion, but I also try to give them take home material as well.

  1. Ground and center. – Always start and end your spell crafting by grounding and centering. This helps bring you together fully for creation of, casting of, and releasing your spell work.
  1. Set a goal. – Focus on one goal at a time. Try your best not to have too many irons in the fire so as to eliminate scattering your energy in too many directions.
  1. Be realistic. – It’s ok to ask for things that are out of your immediate reach, but try to remain reasonable. Ask for love, not a whirlwind romance with Prince William. Ask for a job, even a specific type of job, but not to be hired on as the CEO of Toyota when you don’t know the first thing about cars, Japanese, or running a large auto manufacturing corporation.
  1. Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it.spell-casting  – If you ask for a new car be mindful of the taxes, insurance and other responsibilities that would go along with it. If you ask for a job perhaps you’ll want to add in location to ensure you don’t get that dream job in a city/state where you don’t want to be.
  1. Do the research. – Once you’ve set a goal choose the day and time that works best. Select the appropriate deity, symbols, tools, etc. Different goals have different needs for optimal success. Banishing work is best on the waning moon. Growth, prosperity, abundance work is better on a waxing moon. Thursdays are good days for money, while Fridays nights are good for love spells. Ganesha is great for abundance or removing obstacles, but Lakshmi is better for cash and finances. Love work might require a red or pink candle, while healing would be better with blue or purple, and hex breaking is best with brown, black, and sometimes white.
  1. Stay focused on your work. – Ensure you are undisturbed from your task while performing your spell. Eliminate any distractions. Also, it’s best to keep much of your work to yourself. People can inadvertently add unwanted energy if you tell them about your plans.
  1. Set a results time. – Instead of being indefinite try to include a time period in which you’d like this to come to fruition: 1 week, 3 months, within the year, etc. This isn’t always possible, but whenever possible do so.
  1. Your own creation. – If you write your own spell  try to create it as a rhyme or do it in a sing-song way. This helps to pull you out from the mundane and into the magical realm by removing the ordinary or “regular” way you talk. Also, consider repeating the key words in groupings of 3 to help reinforce your goal.
  1. Pre-made spell. –  Avoid words which you have no clue what they mean. You want to be able to remain focused on your goal so keep the language to that which you understand.
  1. Speak from the heart not ego. – When casting your spell, do your best to keep things on a positive note, and always speak from the heart rather than from ego. It’s been my experience that you’ll obtain faster and better results.
  1. For the highest good of all concerned. – Add this clause in all spell work to ensure the unpleasant doesn’t happen to make your request real. Such as… you asked for cash, so the universe saw to it you got it, in a big cash settlement from a nasty car accident. By adding in the clause the money might come to you in a way that doesn’t require broken bones.
  1. Cast protection. – It needn’t be a full circle filled with guardians of the towers, etc., but it should be a barrier to keep malevolent or mischievous energies out of your work.
  1. Raise the energy! – Chant, sing, drum, dance, do what you can to raise the energy, build it up and send it out!

Each one of these points can be elaborated, but this is just an outline to help remember specific points until you are more familiar with the process.


This AMV features the song Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton, using footage from the anime Black Heaven.

Johnathan Coulton – Code Monkey

Emails – In Satan’s Service (WHAT?!)


I run 7 different Meetup groups. Meetup.com is a website that hosts groups of various topics to create in-person social networking groups. There are thousands of topics and groups all around the world.

I run a variety of groups: Japanese (culture & language), Geekdom (geek culture), Pirates (historical reenactment), Pagan (pre-Christian beliefs), Witches (those who practice witchcraft), Leading Ladies (women Meetup organizers), and The Cemetery Girls Tea Society (a women’s social club).

I get emails from both members of the groups I organize as well as “non-members”, people who are members of Meetup.com, but not of the groups I run. Overall most of the emails are basic questions regarding a group or an upcoming event. However, on occasion I will get a ridiculous email so outrageous I have to document it.

I readily admit I can be a pain in the ass about how I deal with some emails that I have deemed ridiculous. If I’m asked a question, and somehow I know they really mean to ask me something else, I will not volunteer the answer. I will answer the question asked and nothing more. From my perspective if they want to know something it is best they choose to ask me directly what they want to know, instead of beating around the bush or trying to get to their answer from a sideways direction. But if they make a ridiculous request and/or foolishly assume things about me in their correspondence, then to me I feel as though I have no choice but to have fun with it.

Perhaps one of my most ridiculous and outrageous emails came from a “non-member” a few years back. Just for reference, my screen name is MistressPrime (no space between the two names). I’ve also removed all the other names listed in the email.

Hello Mistress Prime,
My name is [NAME] and I am sending you this message to make a
request. I hope you don’t mind me asking as I understand that
I’m not a “member'” yet. I just wrote this message a moment ago
but was unable to send it. My former girlfriend ([NAME]) dropped
me like a hot potato in December for truly no apparent reason.
We had been living together for almost 4 years!  We had just
returned from a fun and romantic weekend in San Francisco just
a couple of weeks before, and she came by my place and said it
was over between us? We had actually maintained somewhat of a
friendship for a while up until May, when she said she never
wished to see or hear from me again? I just found out that she
has met a guy and asked him to live with him in a 1 bedroom
apartment with her teenage daughter (very unhealthy). The
things I am going to ask you may very well happen anyway in
life, so the requests are not in my opinion much of a stretch
of things that might very well happen anyway.
My wish/request is that you or someone in the group will cast
spells on her and this guy with the following consequences;
That she would have a severe and abrupt falling out with this
guy (I think his name is [NAME]) and that the relationship would
end quickly and immediately as she has just grown tired of this
guy with no forewarning for this guy. And that this guy would
lose his job. And this guy would suddenly become severely ill
and unable to function at all (like mononucleosis). And that
they will be unable to have any type of physical relationship
whatsoever.  I don’t know what he does although more than
likely he doesn’t earn much of an income anyway.  And she would
ask this guy to move out immediately with absolutely no
warning.  I wish for her finances to turn disastrous and
collapse. She is a straight commissioned hairdresser and
business has been down anyway. I want her clients to dwindle to
3 or 4 per day in her Tuesday thru Saturday workweek, and that
her last appointments each day would be after 6PM. And she
would have automobile problems that will cost her hundreds of
dollars for repairs. Money that she just does not have. And
that she would face severe emotional depression as her world
continues to disintegrate before her. And her friends [NAME] and
[NAME], [NAME]and [NAME], [NAME]and [NAME]would abandon her as
they are disgusted with the choices that she has made. And that
[NAME] and [NAME] would stop financially supporting her so she has
no other sources of income available. I want her to contact me
for help, humbly, and I have always been here for her and would
have given her just about anything if she would have only
asked, and have given anything she wanted when we were
together. As you can see I am upset but really wish her to be
shaken so that she can see that it wasn’t so bad after all
being with [NAME]. If you need me to attend a meeting to have
these spells come to pass I’m not opposed, but I would request
that these calamities happen immediately (as I understand
October is a great month for the occult). I do believe that
Satan is the Prince of this world, and if you have a direct
connection with Him I would ask you to please have him unleash
his powers of sadness and woe upon her and this guy. I want her
to wake-up and see what a mess she’s made of her life and her
Thank you so much in advance for allowing me to share some of
my anger that I hope will translate into prayers to Satan. I
believe He will answer requests when it is to inflict a little
pain on someone. I don’t wish death upon her, just severe
unhappiness for the bad choices that she has made.

There is so much wrong with this email! Initially I read it with both disbelief and laughter while at the same time felt his ex-girlfriend was incredibly smart to get away from this guy.

Ok, so perhaps one of the first things you should know about me is that I practice a polytheistic pagan religion (Wicca) and much of my personal belief system is based on pre-Christian and some Eastern theology. Satan doesn’t exist in my world and thus I do not have a “direct connection with Him”, but clearly, that’s a non-issue for this guy. I have a strong belief in karma as well, and therefore I do my best to be mindful of my own actions.

After laughing a while at this message I decided to respond. I explained I would help him with his request, but I had certain requirements, payment, for starters; I don’t work for free! My fee for a service of this magnitude was $3,400. I further required both his and her last names and locations. Lastly I needed a sacrifice from him… his own blood. I don’t believe I specified a quantity.

You might think I would consider doing the job based on my response. Nay. I wanted the ability to contact his ex to let her know what he was doing. I had a feeling she would not be surprised, but a heads up might be appreciated. The work that I planned to do was to ensure her and her daughter’s safety, health, and well being and that his request be a gift to himself. Remember that kids saying, “I’m rubber and you’re glue”? Essentially, I planned to help his energy of harm for her find its way back to himself. The money was then to be donated to a battered women’s shelter.

So what was the blood for? I honestly thought that if the money wasn’t a big enough obstacle for him that perhaps the requested sacrifice would be. If it wasn’t then I had a greater insight to what level of whacko I was dealing with.

Though it really shouldn’t be surprising he did not further communicate with me regarding his request. Can’t say I’m sorry to lose the business on that one.